Shanghai Reunion

Shanghai Reunion, 1998/12

Su Difu, Zheng Bixia

We came back at the end of last year together with our son Dan.

We had a wonderful trip in Shanghai. This was the first time for us to visit Shanghai. We lived with Zhanghai and her husband Wang Zhan(տ)in their comfortable apartment. They were so nice that thay spent lots of time with us although they were busy. I want to thank them here.

We also met some old friends of j6, including Shen3Hua2Hong2 and his wife, Pan1Rong2 and her husband, Wu2Wen2Qing1 and Wang2Wen3Ping2. Bixia may give you their addresses if she wrote them down.

We went shopping in Shanghai and had a look around the modern capital city. We visited Hangzhou for one day.