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What is Multiworld?

MULTIWORLD is a web-based bimonthly multilingual publication. It mainly carries the experiences of contributors relating to nature, wildlife, culture, people, travel, and art. It emphasizes objectivity and encourages articles of high quality.

Editorial Board

Chinese Editors

ChuGe, Huiren,
Jie Bing, Lily, NanShan Ming,
Ping'er, Tuya, Charles Wang, Xu Jie, Yang Zeng

English Editors

Gao Yong, John Hendricks, Hu Qian, Muo, David Paist,
Ming Pei, Ping'er, Tuya, Pinghua Young, Xu Jie

Multimedia Editors

Yu Cao, Yu Chen, ChuGe, San Deng, Jie Bing, Shunguo Liu, Muo,
Nail, Ming Pei, Wenjun Sun, Xu-Guang Tao, Charles Wang,
H. Anthony Ye, Pinghua Young, Yang Zeng

Mirror Site Maintainers

Wei-Jou Chen, Mario Cocco, Weigang Li, Shunguo Liu, Nail,
Xiangguang Qiu, Lai Zit Seng, SuperPrism NET, Pinghua Young


ChuGe, Muo, Ping'er, Tuya, Pinghua Young

Article Submission

Contents and publication languages

Multiworld, published bi-monthly, encourages all interested people to contribute their articles relating to nature, culture, people, travelling, arts, and anything else that will enrich the experiences of others for publication. Contributors are also encouraged to submit digitized images, audio, and computer artworks related to their articles. Contributions in either Chinese or English are acceptable, and their publication will be in the same language as submitted.

Where and how to submit

Contributors should submit their articles to mw-editors@superprism.net directly. Submissions of digital images, digital sound files, or any other multimedia material related to the text works, require contact with mw-editors@superprism.net by e-mail first. Multiworld editorial board may provide picture scanning service, including scanning of photos, slides, and drawings, to the contributors for their works if needed. Such requests can be made to mw-editors@superprism.net.

Text and picture formats for submissions

Contributions in Chinese can be submitted in HZ, GB, or BIG5 code (text in GB or BIG5 code should be uuencoded). Submissions of pictures in digital formats (both GIF and JPG) are encouraged. Submissions of pictures in non-digital formats, such as prints and slides, are also acceptable, and in such cases contributors should contact mw-editors@superprism.net.

Deadlines for submissions

Contributors are encouraged to submit their works at any time. In order to be considered for publication in the coming issue, submissions including both text and multimedia material should be received 25 days before the expected publishing date. Contributions arriving later than the deadline may not be published in the coming issue, but may be considered for publication in future issues.

For any further questions, please contact the coordinator.

Multiworld Guestbook

Your comments and suggestions are valuable to us. We would appreciate it very much if you could sign and post them in our Guestbook, or email us at mw-editors@superprism.net. Thank you!

Multiworld Friends

Multiworld now has an email list set up for discussions among all people who are interested in Multiworld-related subjects. You are welcome to join this email list by clicking mw-friends-request@superprism.net.


Multiworld would like to acknowledge support from SuperPrism NET and thank SuperPrism folks for a Multiworld working shell account, several mailing lists, and the New York mirror site.

Multiworld would also like to say "Thank you!" to all our friends worldwide for encouragement, support, and contribution. It's the nice words that keep us going!

How to Read Chinese on WWW

There are a lot of resources out there on the Internet that show you how to do netsurfing in Chinese. The following is just a small list of top sites:

Multiworld Copyright

All materials on the Multiworld web site are copyrighted, with all rights reserved.

You may retrieve the contents of MULTIWORLD publications, save a disk copy, or send it to your printer for your own personal use. You may create hyperlinks to any MULTIWORLD document freely. However, you may not modify, copy, or otherwise distribute any part of MULTIWORLD publications, including text, graphics, and audio, without the express permission of MULTIWORLD publishers or the author(s). Any violation will be prosecuted under applicable laws.

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