VOL.1, NO.1 June 1995

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Back to Nature
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In the remote mountains of New England, she and her family live in a purely natural way. Is it a lifestyle, or rather a faith?
Lian Bo

The Salmon I Know
(in Chinese GB | BIG5 | GIF)
"I was transfixed: Huge schools of fish were struggling in the middle of the white water, swimming towards their death. The whole river was almost dyed red ..."

A Trip to Jelenia Gora
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"In the summer of 1994, I visited Poland. It was an opportunity to see the changing eastern Europe. At the same time, I wanted to see my old Polish friend Ula, who was once my roommate in New York ..."

My Hometown Haibei
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"Natural beauty and delicious oysters - a memory of my childhood and hometown."

A Hello from Newfoundland
(in English)
"Real life in such an underdeveloped place did go beyond my imagination. It also went beyond my ability to describe the beauty of this island."
Yuan Liu
Tibet: A Chinese Experience, Part I
(in English)
"The girls lined up in a row, sat down on the ridge, and started to repair the roof. From there, a chorus of beautiful, beautiful songs arose..."
Zili Liu

To the Bottom of the Earth
(in English)
"It felt so quiet...vast flat horizon simmered under the sun, which invariably circled at the same altitude counter clockwise twenty-four hours a day. ... It was summer at the South Pole. "
Maohai Huang

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