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VOL.1, NO.2 August 1995

Title Highlight Author
A Young American Potter
(in Chinese GB | BIG5 | GIF)
"I make pots. I make pots for people to use, to touch. Being a potter allows me to connect with all other people who work, eat, and drink, whether poor or rich."

Searching for the Dragon
(in Chinese GB | BIG5 | GIF)
"It is said that Chinese are descendents of the dragon, but nobody knows where the dragon was originally from. That is quite a shame for the Chinese people, who worship their ancester dearly."

A Little German Town
(in Chinese GB | BIG5 | GIF)
"Gradually, I forgive the smallness and tranquillity of Osnabrück. Everything on earth has its own beauty and its own truth."

Qi Baishi's Paintings
(in Chinese GB | BIG5 | GIF)
"The beauty of painting is between like and unlike; too like is fawning upon vulgarity, while unlike is deceiving the public." -- Qi Baishi (in Chinese)
Dong Yulong

Indiana Roadsides
(in English)
"This morning, I walk at the edge of a meadow where an old horse trough holds water. It is full of tadpoles that dip and dive, and half-done frogs with tadpole tails."
Jean Hughes
Tibet: A Chinese Experience, Part II
(in English)
"When together with the Tibetans and tourists, particularly when the Tibetans were not treated in the best way, I felt akin to them, that we were of the same kind, that we were closer. I was particularly touched when hearing, 'we are all Chinese.' ... "
Zili Liu

BUG's Poems
(in English)
"Is it a goose, or is it a duck, wandering homelessly in the dusk?"

A Quest For Riches in Sumatra
(in English)
"This forest was home to some of the rarest mammals on earth: the Sumatran rhino, Sun Bear, and Indian elephant, along with a host of endangered birds and plant life."
Tim Lee

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