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VOL.1, NO.3 October 1995

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New York Diary
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"An art work, such as a poem, is a religion. I can not tell its virtue, or, there is no theory for its excellence. In my heart, however, I can feel its thrilling power."

Exotic Islands in the South Pacific
(in English)
"It felt so relaxing to be wandering on those tropical beaches, watching waves breaking through coral reefs and rushing toward me, with the wind blowing from the sea."

A Song in Autumn
(in English)
"A flock of jays has gathered in the orchard. Calling their bird messages, they whirl together into the air."
Jean Hughes

The Myth of a Drum
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"Columbus discovered America in 1492. Was it possible for him and his European fellows to bring a Chinese drum to the Indian inhabitants thousands miles away from where the discoverers landed?"
Zilun Gong

The Affluent Shanxi
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"After a long time of looking into many books and historical records, I finally concluded: contrary to our imagination, Shanxi used to be the richest province in China during quite a long period before the last century."
Yu Qiuyu
Wandering in Sweden
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"This is the land where spring and autumn are brief, summer and winter are prolonged. The northern Sweden is located within the auroral oval, in which you may see the sun at midnight, and spectacular aurora borealis."
Rui Xue

Taiwan -- An Academic Experience
(in English)
"I was quite impressed that most people holding key research positions were young, with Ph.D's from U.S. These people have been attracted back to Taiwan..."
Shudong Zhou

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