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VOL.1, NO.4 December 1995

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Fishing the Snake River at Night
(in Chinese GB | BIG5 | GIF)
"In the golden shine of the moonlight, a huge fish emerged with its fins above the silky river."
Seattle Love Song
(in Chinese GB | BIG5 | GIF)
"Falling in love with a person or a place need follow no reason. It just happens."

New Jersey Impressions
(in Chinese GB | Big5 | GIF)
"I like New Jersey. Its dreamlike landscape awakens reminiscences of my lovely hometown in southern China. "

Farewell Michigan
(in Chinese GB | Big5 | GIF)
"Buried in the color of blue, Michigan is the right place to enjoy nature and wilderness."

Mount Four Sisters
(in English and Chinese GB | Big5 | GIF)
"The sun is moving slowly towards the western skies. Through the thin mist in the west, the peaks are being bathed with the twilight."
Gao Ling
What's On The Wall? Wedding Photos!
(in English)
"See? I myself am a star."
Shu Bing

From Hutong to Embassy District
(in English)
"I shut my red swinging doors, get on my bicycle, and there I go, following the rhythm of bells and horns."
Delphine Gao
Forgotten Faces
(in English)
"I was drawn from the safety of my grass hut to go jungle-wandering into the night, where life could be felt and enjoyed."
Jackie Garvey
The Silk Road
(in English)
"The trip was certainly eventful, as the Xiongnu captured them and kept them hostage for ten years."
Oliver Wild
Season's Greetings
(in GIF)
"We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year."


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