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VOL.2, NO.1 February 1996

Title Highlight Author

Begging For A Living
(in Chinese GB | BIG5 | GIF)
"Where an emty pocket can take a man."
Swedish Rhapsody
(in Chinese GB | BIG5 | GIF)
"Dancing in the streets of Stockholm."

By the Slim West Lake
(in Chinese GB | Big5 | GIF)
"A place to go, a place to stay, a place to read."

That Bridge in My Hometown
(in Chinese GB | Big5 | GIF)
"A little girl with a big head gets stuck in bridge and all boats stop."

Indiana Roadsides
(in English)
"No flower garden of summer could hold more beauty than a radiant sun reflecting on crystalline-glazed trees."
Jean Hughes
A Pole at Both Poles
(in English)
"Marek Karminski is the first man to have reached both poles in the same year on foot and without support."
Grzegorz Rachlewicz
and Zbigniew Zwolinkski

Journey to Beijing - A Personal Account
(in English)
"Driving through Beijing, I look eagerly out of the windows to see what China is like."
Graham Hawker
Dave Jackson Visits Aruba
(in English)
"Aruba is like our home away from home."
Dave Jackson


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