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VOL.2, NO.2 April 1996

Title Highlight Author

Architecture in Paris
(in Chinese GB | BIG5 | GIF)
"Talking about architecture in Paris --- in memory of those days."
The Time
(in Chinese GB | BIG5 | GIF)
"flowing sceneries, flowing mood ..."

The Perch
(in Chinese GB | Big5 | GIF)
"Unforgettable bass in the high Oregon lakes."

Hometown in Memory
(in Chinese GB | Big5 | GIF)
"A river runs through a town, isolated by continuous hills. Enclosed are flowers, rice fields, boats, and songs. A little girl's eyes took in all facets of life. In her heart, romance lives."

Looking Back at Halifax
(in Chinese GB | Big5 | GIF)
"All of a sudden, the ancient castle was there."
A Trip Through the Grand Canyon
(in English)
"There is no feeling on earth that compares to pulling the first few oar strokes that begin a trip down the Colorado."
Leonard Thurman

A Swiss Village
(in English)
"The strawberries lasted for a few days and gave me the first taste of hospitality of the villagers."
When a Butterfly Flaps its Wings
(in English)
"An adventure into the world of Chaos, Fractals, and Art."
Wenjun Sun
The Moon and the Animal

Computer Artwork.
XuGuang Tao

AoMi Project
(in Chinese GB | Big5 | GIF and in English)
AoMi book series: "We can all do something for the kids."


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