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Gary D. Campbell

New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment, is known for outstanding artists. As a child, Gary's family always vacationed near Taos, taking the time to go into town. At the age of ten, he knew the hot spots of Taos, including the town square with all its artists and galleries. Every year, it was the sculptures that captured his attention.

At age 12, his father died. Suddenly, the man he counted on was gone. It was emphysema that had kept a death grip on his father, but as a gunsmith, his father had been able to sit and do his work. Gary talks as if there was nothing this man couldn't do with his hands. People who knew his father have always said this is where Gary inherited his talents.

Gary's parents taught him to respect the outdoors and its wildlife. If the wilderness called, Gary answered. Hunting deer and elk became an obsession. Friends and family knew wildlife would always play a part in his life, with a career most likely in game management.

This would not be the case. Gary would go to work for the City of Clovis as a fire fighter. Married with two children, he worked at making a living and build a career. At age 35, Gary showed up on shift one day with some beeswax he had bought at the university book store. Within a few hours, he had sculpted a mountain goat with a thick white coat blowing in the wind. The fire fighters gathered around, making conversation about his apparent talent and anticipated marketability.

Within two years he had turned out nine pieces. "Battle for Eden" was awarded Best of Show, and he won many First Place prizes and monies, kicking off a number of one-man shows. This virtually unknown artist has picked the Internet as his showroom to the world.

Artist Statement: My art career has been very short, compared to many. While not having any formal art training, I feel fortunate to have been accepted by my peers and patrons of the arts. I have a "God-given talent" and I have decided to put it to work. I can only look to the future with great anticipation.

Limited Edition: Bronze and Painted Bronze

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