Multiworld June 1996

VOL.2, NO.3 June 1996

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New Orleans Impression
(in Chinese GB | BIG5 | GIF)
"According to the professor, New Orleans ranks third in the nation and thirteenth in the world for the quality of its food."

Meng Tong River in my Hometown
(in Chinese GB | Big5 | GIF)
"My childhood sometimes appears before my eyes like faded photos, some vague, some still clear. The Meng Tong river in my hometown, however, has never vanished. More like a brook, it only surges when Spring comes, while gently winding and flowing around that green hill at other times."

Cities I Lived
(in Chinese GB | Big5 | GIF)
"The flourishing, the affluence, and my friends' success in this land all make me not want to think about returning. When I am not concerned about personal gain and loss, however, I feel, just as one pop star sings, 'I still love Beijing most.'"

Lotus Affection
(in Chinese GB | BIG5 | GIF)
"On a snowy day, I sat in a Chinese restaurant and let my eyes aimlessly scan around. Then I realized that he would never appear, neither the lotus."

Battle for Eden Wildlife Sculpture
(Artwork and Artist Profile)
"Within a few hours, he had sculpted a mountain goat with a thick white coat blowing in the wind."
Gary D. Campbell

China Experience - Part I
(in English)
"It takes three days to get to the Summer Palace if you go by barge along the canals and river to Kunming Lake in an imperial convoy. It takes about a half-hour by bus."
Marilyn Shea
 For Mia Michelle Rynearson
(in English)
"Kali touched Mia's tiny arm and said, 'The baby's so soft.'"
Marjie Rynearson

The Jomsom Trek (in English)

"Although she had some apprehension about joining me intially on this trek, I came out feeling that we could do just about anything together!"
Sunil William Savkar

AoMi Project
(in Chinese GB | Big5 | GIF)
AoMi book series: "We can all do something for the kids."


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