Multiworld August 1996

VOL.2, NO.4 August 1996

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Dream on the Bridge
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"(After watching 'The Bridges of Madison County') On the wooden bridge with a red roof, I can still feel the warmth of the beautiful story of true love struggling amidst cold reality."
Ruo Mei

Atlanta: Experience of a Lifetime
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"During the Olympic Games, Atlanta was turned into a World City. As one of those who went there to celebrate the victory of the human being, I will show you the tidbits I brought back from those unforgettable days."
Ding Zhu

On a Small Island of the Bahamas (1)
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"In a small hut built with coconut palm leaves, the native hand is playing. Drums of different sizes sound with strong rhythm, nothing but rhythm, until a tuba's melody, like a river, flows smoothly through the vigorous drumbeat."
Ming Hong

Random Notes on Yellowstone Park
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"It might not be as beautiful as Lushan Mountains, nor as Huashan Mountains, but still, the natural beauty of Yellowstone Park had brought me into a very cheerful state of mind."
Hong Qiang

The Chinese Classroom at Pitt
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"(The University of Pittsburgh is called Pitt by everybody who goes there, works there or relates to it in any way.) There is a Chinese classroom in this city, of a sort that you can hardly find anywhere else."
Ding Zhu

China Experience - Part II
(in English)
"Since the age of nomads, people have settled in this rich land to take advantage of the relatively flat landscape, ready water, and ease of travel. It is a toyland for the achaeologists."
Marilyn Shea
 Chinese Cuisine
(in English)
"Over the course of 5,000 years, these culinary traditions have been devised and perfected, and have withstood the rest of time."
 A Rainy Day in Summer
(in English)
"This morning, rain pelting down awakes me. Within the sound of the raindrops, I can distinguish six different bird songs."
Jean Hughes
Computer Art
White Lotus,
Little Buddhist
Computer Paintings.
Jie Bing

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