Multiworld October 96

VOL.2, NO.5 October 1996

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Back To Paris
(in Chinese GB | BIG5 | GIF)
"Once again, I arrived in Paris. Everything that I thought should be familiar looked strange, but I knew that Paris was the same. What had changed was my mood."

Mimi: The Girl Of My Childhood Memories
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"She was a country-born girl, shy and solitary. She liked to play with me, however, and I liked to be with her, too, for her gentle disposition. Naturally, we became best friends."

On a Small Island of the Bahamas (2)
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"All the young native women on the island are slender and charming. Their walk is full of spirit and agility. The vitality radiating from their deeply tanned skin will never be lost."
Ming Hong

Eating Around the World
(in Chinese GB | BIG5 | GIF)
"I like to travel, not just for the sight-seeing, but also to savor all kinds of delicious foods around the world."

Where There Is Water
(in Chinese GB | BIG5 | GIF)
"The Emerald Bay of Lake Tahoe has been called "the most beautiful bay in the world." I took my three-month-old son there especially to show him the place Mama is really fond of."

(in English)
"Our guide explains that although there are no deer on the island now, we will find many remains of the animals as we climb."
Erik Wurster

Bermuda Journal
(in English)
"On a clear day, Bermuda is spectacular enough from the air to bring tears to your eyes, appearing like magic from the depths of the deep blue sea."
Deborah Thompson

Good-bye, Saigon
(in English)
"I can still remember my mother standing on the dock, crying and waving to us as the boat pulled away. I was yelling, 'Stop the boat! Go back and get my mom!' but it was too late."
Darlene Nguyen Ely

Chinese Computer Paintings
"How we did it, and you can do it too."
Fan Wang and Xuguang Tao


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