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Table of Contents
 Living On The Mountain
   by Ruomei

 Living alone on the mountain, there was a special feeling of belonging to myself. (Chinese GB, Big5, or GIF)

GangXian Bay Notes
   by Tanglang

 When reading about ghosts, you become a ghost yourself. (Chinese GB, Big5, or GIF)

Journey To South America (I)
   by Ah-san

 The South American tropical rain forest has the most animal and plant species of the world. (Chinese GB, Big5, or GIF)

    Traveling Through the West (I)
   by Yan Shi

 The road leading to the West brought us so much fun and pleasure. (Chinese GB, Big5, or GIF)

Bermuda Journal (II)
   by Deborah Thompson

 The skink begins to wiggle and squirm strongly inside my hands.

* Chapter 3;
* Chapter 4;
* Chapter 5;

Chapters 1 & 2 have been previously published in our October issue. Check them out as well (if you haven't already).

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