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1. Journey To South America (II)
by Ah-san

I was touched by the history when visiting Sillustani.

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Part I was published in MW's December 96 issue.

2. To My Dear
by Ekta

We fell in love in cyberspace, without even seeing each other.

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3. Fight between Brothers
by Hu Hansan

On my way to school that day, my mind was occupied with what favorite food my 4-yuan award money could buy for my younger brother.

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4. New Year Party Special* -- California Sunshine
by Churen

The poets from the northeast bring us warm friendship in the raining day.

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*Video clips provided by Alex Mou.
Photos provided by Xiaochen, Zhuren and Jiebing et. al.

   5. New Year Party Special* -- Friends from Cyberspace
by Mengran

It has been several years since we became to know each other on the Internet. Tonight was be the first time we met in person.

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6. New Year Party Special* -- The Last Leaf in Autumn
by Xibai

At the New Year party, my heart was saddened with sorrow for a famous cyber writer who just left for another world.

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7. Bermuda Journal (III)

Chapter 6-8

by Deborah Thompson

There are some gorgeous sea vessels in Bermuda. Further out in the harbour is where they dock the cruise ships, but there are none for us to see today.

Chapters 1, 2 were published in our October 1996 issue. Chapters 3, 4 and 5 were published in our December 1996 issue. Check them out as well (if you haven't already).

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