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Biography Professional
Photos (password protected)
Publications IA-64 Linux Kernel book
Software nbnsd - A minimal NetBIOS Name Service responder
EZLeser - An automatic payment stub reader
libunwind - a portable, efficient, and flexible unwind API
httperf - a tool for measuring web server performance
dlh - a fast LaTeX-to-HTML translator
SANE - Scanner Access Now Easy
Linux/ia64 - Linux on HP/Intel IA-64 machines
Linux/Alpha - Linux on DEC Alpha machines
Other Neat Things Weathermatic SLW20 Sensor Station - How to repair it and save $200 in the process.
SunCam - This used to be a color QuickCam that I set up in 1996 while studying in Tucson. The quality of the pictures kept getting worse until, in February 2000, Gregg Townsend took over stewardship of the camera, replaced it with an Axis 2000+, and turned in into Arizona Webcam. The quality of images the new camera is astounding and comes much closer to conveying the real beauty of the scenery. By all means check it out!
Home Address Send mail to dmosberger@gmail.com if you need details.
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